The Acufast family of products were specially designed to not only reduce waste, but to also provide acupuncturists with high quality needles and accessories. These unique Korean-made acupuncture needles provide painless insertion and come with optional reduced plastic, pinchable tubes that open the door to new needling techniques.

If contamination or needle spillage is a concern for bulk packed needles, try our patent pending, magnetic clip and base. Together they provide quick and easy methods for handling needles in the pouch during and after treatments!

Acufast needles are made from surgical grade stainless steel. They are machine sharpened for precision tips and are partially coated with medical grade silicone for smooth insertion. Acufast needles come packaged in vacuum sealed 10/pouch with tubes sold separately. The extremely small needle pouches are vacuum-sealed in packs of 10 and come in boxes of 1000. Pouch packs are made from PET plastic making them 100% recyclable. 

Acufast tubes are compact, clear and flexible but still provide rigidity that allows for a variety of needling techniques. The reduced size means less plastic, and separate packaging from the needles means less waste. Practitioners are able to grasp the needle handle with the tube by pinching the tube while the needle is still in the package. The time and overall procedure of loading the tube is very quick compared to other bulk packaged needles; often considered a deterrent in bulk packaged needles for those that use tubes. Tubes are available in PET pouches of 5/pouch to reduce packaging.

The Acuclip is a patent pending, magnetic clip that provides a quick and easy method of handling needles in the pouch during and after treatments. The clip is designed to improve needle access and overall efficiency to allow practitioners the ability to keep needles in their hand during treatments instead of fumbling with other types of clumsy packaging that risks contaminating needles.

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