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Deepening Your Explorations of the Compliment Channels: An Advanced Series with Ann Cecil-Sterman

March 7-8     13 CEUs

Part One: Using the Sinew Channels to Restore Personal Freedom

The Sinew Channels represent the interface between ourselves and literally everything and everyone else in the universe. As the chief conduits of wei qi, the Sinew Channels function at a pre-cognitive level: they provide protection and reception at every plane of our existence from the physical through the emotional and spiritual, extending out even into the psychic field that connects all sentient beings. Far more than simply a system for treating traumatic injury or the common cold, the Sinew Channels provide the cultivated practitioner with a means of helping patients find true and complete freedom in their existence.

May 16-17     13 CEUs

Part Two: Using the Luo Vessels to Resolve Internal Damage

Ying qi is the qi that nourishes us. It is generated by the food we eat, the actions we take, and the choices we make. It pushes the shen-bearing blood throughout the body in order to unify every tissue that can receive blood into a single organism with an individual identity.

The Luo Vessels are collaterals of the Primary Channels created by the ying qi to hold in quarantine pathology that can affect the “internal terrain.” They are powerful tools for resolving internal pathology such as ENT issues, digestive problems, qi rebellion, hematology and fluid pathology, internal heat, and cardiovascular disorders. But because the mediumship of the Luo Channels is blood, perception, the emotions and the shen will necessarily be involved in a Luo Channel treatment either as symptom or cause.

September 19-20     13 CEUs

Part Three: The Divergent Channels and the Concept of Latency

Three things are required to maintain latency: 1) fluid in which a pathogen is suspended, 2) a space where the suspended pathogen can be held indefinitely, and 3) qi to hold it there. When any part of this system is compromised, latency is lost; the pathogen escapes back into circulation and the associated symptoms flare. These symptoms can be quite severe. The application of the Divergent Channels includes a wide range of disease patterns from allergies to autoimmune disease and cancer.

Prerequisite: Students must have taken classes with Ann previously. These classes are for advanced students.

Registration is by phone only. Please call 800.729.8509.


 June 6-7     15 CEUs

Oncology Acupuncture Workshop with Yair Maimon, OMD, PhD

There is a great need for practitioners who have skills in the field of integrative Chinese oncology. Almost all acupuncturists see patients in their clinic affected by cancer. Oncology acupuncture is a specialty field, which offers the acupuncturist distinct tools to help both patients with cancer and patients who have had cancer in the past. The combination of the Western and TCM approach will also enhance the skills to communicate better with Western medical oncology care.

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 June 20-21     16 CEUs

Hua Lu: Using Essential Oils According To Traditional Chinese Medicine with David Crow, L.Ac

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