Alchemica Botanica

Alchemica Botanica Traditional Chinese Medicine Essential Oils are the first line of essential oils dedicated purely to traditional Chinese herbs and substances intended for therapeutic use within the context of acupuncture and Chinese medicine. To date, it is the only one in existence.

These oils can be used in several ways. They are intended for external application to acupuncture points, channels, or areas of the body.  For acupoint application, they can be used directly or blended, distributing one drop over a three to five point prescription. For application on channels or wider areas of the body, the oils should be diluted appropriately with a carrier oil.

Because the herbs in the Alchemica Botanica line are part of the traditional Chinese medicine pharmacopeia, they come with the benefit of thousands of years of experience and documentation.  Their properties, channel affinities, actions, and uses are known, and their essential oils can be deployed accordingly, especially those oils that are extracted by the CO2 process. This process retains the water metabolites of the herbs, keeping their nature similar to that of a decoction.

There is no doubt that the essential oil form of these plants will trigger new discoveries for ways to use herbs, and of the many powerful therapeutic possibilities inherent in plants.

Save the Date: June 30, 2019

Join Golden Flower as we welcome the founder of Alchemic Botanica, Evelyn Robert for her lecture on these oils and their applications. This event will take place on June 30 here in our Albuquerque education center. 

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